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HPISD Curriculum: Sensing Probes as a Math Tool?

Over a year ago, I attended an event where Tammy Morgan, an assistant superintendent from Pilot Point, TX presented a document that had been sent directly to PPISD from the United States Department of Education. She highlighted the use of technological devices as they apply to mathematics and more specifically, sensing probes. The below photo of page 44 shows these particular devices.

"Sensors provide constant, parallel streams of data and are used with data mining techniques and self-report measures to examine frustration, motivation/flow, confidence, boredom, and fatigue. The MIT Media Lab Mood Meter (Hernandez, Hoque, & Picard, n.d.) is a device that can be used to detect emotion (smiles) among groups. The Mood Meter includes a camera and a laptop. The camera captures facial expressions, and software on the laptop extracts geometric properties on faces (like distance between corner lips and eyes) to provide a smile intensity score."~ United States Department of Education

In February of 2014 HPISD Assistant Superintendent Gena Gardiner gave a presentation on Curriculum and Instruction Facilities, outlining the guidelines required to meet the "Learner for the Future" profile. This 58-page report explains the underlying reason for the bond election: to create the learning environments necessary to implement the "Learner for the Future". Note that on page 20, HPISD lists handheld data collection and analysis devices, sensing probes, and interactive lab interventions as Math technology tools.

My opponent, Stacy Kelly, who served on the committee for The Learner for the Future, commented in the candidate public forum that the bond was about more than enrollment; it was about creating new learning environments. The Learner for the Future is a shift away from a traditional education that has served our students and community so well for the last 100 years.

A vote for Meg Bakich is a vote to preserve district independence, educational traditions and academic excellence.

Early Voting:

4/24-4/28, 8 AM-4:30 PM

5/1-5/2, 7:00 AM-7:00 PM

HP Administration Building, 7015 Westchester

Election Day:

5/6 7:00 AM-7:00 PM

Highland Park Middle School, 3555 Granada

Meg Bakich for HPISD School Board, Place 6

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas or concerns.

Pol. adv. paid for by Bakich For HPSID Trustee

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