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Texas Classroom Teachers Association Fights the DOI Concept (More Appropriately Named Districts of E

TCTA fought the innovation district concept during the 2015 legislative session because of the potential for widespread elimination of teacher and student rights and protections.

As a professional organization TCTA does a wonderful job

updating and advocating for teachers throughout Texas as more and more school districts are adopting the designation of innovation.

Following is an excerpt from an article published on the TCTA web site. "Initially, it appears that they would more appropriately have been named Districts of Exemption — since there is little innovation present in the plans that have been filed with the commissioner thus far. Incidentally, the commissioner has no authority over these locally developed plans; he doesn’t approve or veto them, though it is our understanding that when districts try to illegally exempt themselves from something, his staff is advising the districts accordingly. The lack of innovation evident in the plans filed thus far was noted during a recent meeting by members of the Senate Education Committee, several of whom seemed somewhat dismayed that what was happening was not what they had envisioned. Unfortunately, some districts are also choosing to grant themselves the ability to ignore state laws that provide basic, but very important, teacher legal protections."

To learn more about how TCTA supports teachers and to stay informed on the district of innovation concept, visit their web site.

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